My experience with Sapphire has been so positive…

I have just passed the one-year anniversary of owning a home in Lakeview Vista built by Sapphire Homes. My experience with Sapphire has been so positive that I wanted to write this unsolicited letter to any future homebuyers considering purchasing a home built by this company.

There are two areas where I believe Sapphire stands out from other companies. The first is the quality of their construction. My husband and I have been so impressed with the design and quality of our beautiful home. We love everything from the exterior choice of colors and materials to small, thoughtful interior details like lights along the stairways that activate when it’s dark. When we inspected the house in preparation for any repairs needed at the end our one-year warranty period, we found only minor problems like nail pops and small cracks due to normal settling. All of these issues were addressed in a timely and professional manner. We recently contacted PSE to conduct an energy audit of our home and this is what the technician had to say in his report:

“It is fairly evident, beyond the age, that your house is very air tight. Mastic on the ductwork indicates careful attention to a commonly leaky area. Double pane vinyl windows with double hung cellular blinds and 2x6 walls all indicate a high quality wall envelope. Because your house is well sealed, mechanical assistance is required to maintain healthy air quality inside. Continuous ventilation of a small crawlspace is intended to keep moisture issues away.”

We are pleased that Sapphire’s attention to detail also extends to making their homes as energy efficient as possible.

Perhaps my highest praise, however, is for the company’s fantastic customer service. Every question or problem we have had has been addressed quickly and professionally. Angela Schmeil, in particular, is very responsive and helpful. Not only does she schedule any work needed in a timely fashion, but also we greatly appreciate that she keeps us in the loop regarding timing of when work will take place. Everyone we have met who works for Troy and Angela Schmeil has impressed us with his friendliness and professionalism.

We have been incredibly happy in our Sapphire home and I expect that you will feel the same should you decide to buy one, too.

—Sarah N. Hill
August, 2017

Sapphire Homes NW

—Sarah N. Hill
August, 2017

My experience with Sapphire has been so positive...